Project working title: Alexithymia
Writer: Tom Middleditch
Director: Jayde Kirchert

Auditions: Mon 26 and Tues 27 June (evening)
Audition applications open: Thurs 8 June
Audition applications close: Wed 21 June


Citizen Theatre will join forces with A_tistic for a new theatrical experience called Alexithymia, comprised of 3 short works. In Alexithymia, the two independent theatre companies will create an ‘Autistic Aesthetic’, to give audiences an experience of an Autistic way of perceiving the world.

Defined as an inability to put words to felt emotions, Alexithymia can be better thought of as the distance one is from their emotions. It noticeably affects those diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum (AS). For those on the AS, the ability to determine the proximity one is from their emotional experience is ephemeral, creating gulfs between themselves and those around them; we will explore the distance, disruption, tension and liberation that accompanies an inability to verbalise, materialise and actualise one’s emotional experience. Achieved through an interdependent mix of sensory & sound design, stylised direction, rhythmic text, a gestural score, all three works will rely on actor driven story telling, set in the round.

  • PART 1: Social_function.exe:
    This contemporary telling of the Chinese ‘Room Puzzle’ is told through sign language with a sci-fi feel. A girl who is unable to understand the rules of social life seeks help from an Artificial Intelligence implant to become less socially awkward. Questions of authenticity, agency and empathy propel this story that asks: what is communication, and what does it demand of us?

  • PART 2: The Curious Case of You:
    It’s a game show! The Audience is invited! Participants must answer questions relating to how good they are at being a ‘civilised’ human. There are correct answers to these important questions. Each wrong answer reveals a deficit you have. Are you brave enough to prove that you are Human After All?

  • PART 3: Nirvana Syndrome:
    A young woman wakes up from surgery and discovers she has no want. For anything. Her doctor is perplexed and her friend is confused. For her, accidental apathy is bliss. Yet, everyone around is convinced she has a problem. Nirvana Syndrome asks how one is defined by the expectations of the people around them and how much agency one truly has when one is socially obligated to those who ‘want what’s best’.


For the next 2-3 months, we will require the successful auditionees to workshop some ideas to help develop the script further, with the view to being part of the eventual production. We will work around actor availability, and will aim to work in blocks of 3 weeks, after-hours and weekends to be negotiated with the cast. Pending successful project applications, we will move towards the production phase shortly after the 2-3 month development period.


There are 9 roles in total. We are seeking 3 actors who identify as female to play 3 roles each, for each of the three parts, which will be developed further with the successful auditionees. Applicants need to have a minimum 2 years acting training and/or relevant professional experience to be considered. We are seeking actors who are interested in being part of a development process for new work and have strong skills in physical theatre. Singing or musical ability would be an advantage, but is not essential. We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds. Age range: 20-35.

Audition workshop

The audition workshop will be an opportunity for you to see if you are interested in being part of our team, as well as being a chance for us to see if you're the right fit for the project. It will be a relaxed, friendly, group environment where you will be encouraged to play, collaborate and explore. A short script will be sent to you upon confirmation of your audition time. You will not need to be off-book, just familiar with the script. You will only need to attend one workshop session, on one night. The workshop will run for 40-50 minutes.

If you Identify as female and would like to apply to audition, please complete the form below. We will confirm If you have been successful in securing an audition by Fri 23 June. Applications close Wed 21 June.

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