This youthful company should be applauded for creating their own opportunity to showcase their talents. The performances and direction were confident
— Shirley Jensen, Stage Whispers

In December 2013 under former name, The Carving Theatre Company, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night was presented at Hares and Hyenas Bookstore. Read a review here.

Creative Team
Directed and produced by
Jayde Kirchert 
Original music by Chris Beasley
Costumes by Marc McIntyre

Viola by Alana Tranter
Olivia by Hannah Fredericksen
Maria by Isabelle Reynaud
Feste by Nelson Gardner
Malvolio by Evan Lever
Antonio/Captain/Curio by Andrew Doyle
Sebastian by Michael Nikou
Orsino/Sir Andrew Aguecheek by Gareth Prosser
Sir Toby Belch by Simon Alderman

Thanks to Xtend Barre Melbourne for the use of their studios during rehearsals, the team at Hares and Hyenas and the many people who helped along the way.

Production snaps

Photography by Lucas Heil