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Many women in our country enjoy opportunities that women of previous generations were not afforded. This means that often, many women, particularly in younger generations, may be the first in their families to have experiences that would have previously been impossible. 

This project 'What, Woman?' (working title) will explore what this feels like - being the first one. Specifically, we want to know how being the 'first one' impacts on the ways women relate to their families and in particular, older women in their families.

This project will have a number of stages, the first of which invites people who identify as women to take part in an anonymous survey (below). This survey will give an insight into the things that might be passed down, discarded or dealt with by women from generation to generation. It will ask women to identify moments or aspects of their lives in which they are the first in their family to have the experience. It will also ask women to consider the role their ancestry plays in the choices they make and the person they have become. 

The results from this survey will provide material for a devised performance project, in collaboration with a group of female actors. The form it will take is new and a 'first' for Citizen Theatre and, from we can tell, a 'first' for independent theatre too...but we're not giving away any more than that just yet!

If you identify as a woman, we invite you to complete the survey below

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