In order to create an experimental music theatre that challenges the dramaturgical tropes and characterisations typically seen in most musicals, Artistic Director Jayde Kirchert and the team of Citizens have been creating a training program. The program starts with the body, challenging it to move in ways that are unconventional and absurd. This encourages unconventional and absurd ways of making sound and using the voice. Our resident composer Imogen Cygler creates bizarre and fabulous sonic environments for these explorations to occur.

We take our explorations into work with original text. The text is written by Jayde and inspired by what transpires in the room.

Our music theatre incorporates song form, unconventional sound making, physical theatre and demands bravery, imagination and curiosity from its creators.

For more info on how our training is progressing, visit the blogs page.

Our work has been documented and captured by resident Visual & Graphic Designer Stu Brown: