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Citizen Theatre


Citizen Theatre

Citizen Theatre is an independent Melbourne theatre company that has been producing and creating new work and existing plays since 2013. 

Citizen Theatre aims to change the way people think by making them feel. Citizen Theatre is drawn to presenting social causes and issues on stage and works with a feminist, access conscious approach in mind.

Many of shows explore the combinations that music and theatre can offer, to reimagine how musical forms of theatre are perceived in Australia. 

All performers and creatives involved with Citizen Theatre productions are practicing artists with relevant tertiary training and/or industry experience. Our standards are high and productions attract critical acclaim, whilst entertaining and connecting deeply with audiences.

Citizen Theatre values creativity, accountability and curiosity and aims to operate and work in a way that is grounded in these values.

Citizen Theatre's Artistic Director is Jayde Kirchert


Our collaborators

Citizen Theatre is indebted to the fabulous and fearless collaborators who have/continue to work with us:
Carina Waye (actor & producer), Alana Tranter (actor), Hannah Fredericksen (actor), Nelson Gardner (actor), Nick Backstrom (actor), Catherine Glavicic (actor), Chenez Dyer-Bray (Stage Manager), Peter Amesbury (Lighting Designer), Lauren McKenna (actor), Isabelle Reynaud (actor), Simon Alderman (actor), Marc McIntyre (Costume Designer), Marissa Bennett (actor), Freya Pragt (actor), Marissa O'Reilly (actor), Evan Lever (actor), Andrew Doyle (actor), Gareth Prosser (actor), Michael Nikou (actor), Trevor Jones (Music Director), Thomas Overend (photographer), Lucas Heil (videographer), Jackie Rees (actor), Rory Godbold (actor), Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer (Composer), Patrick Paevere (Music Director), Glenn Ferguson (Producer), Vicki Heilbronn (Stage Manager), Janet Gibson (Stage Manager), Stu Brown (Visual Designer & Producer), Nicola Bowman (actor), Keagan Vaskess (actor), Philip Dallas (Sound Designer), Emma Hoy (actor).

Special thanks to the independent theatre companies who have taken the plunge with us: 

  • A_tistic
  • Attic Erratic Theatre
  • 5pound theatre
Nude Key 5.jpg

Very Important Citizens

We have some fantastic supporters that help make our theatre dreams come true! Without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

Very Important Citizens

We have some fantastic supporters that help make our theatre dreams come true! Without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

Very Important Citizens

Ron and Margaret Dobell (the Ron and Margaret Dobell Foundation)

James Degenhardt (Pozible supporter)

Dierdre Robertson (Pozible supporter)

Symon Kerslake (Pozible supporter)


Supporters for our 2017 Australian Cultural Fund campaign

Citizen Jessica Doutch, Citizen Paris Balla, Citizen Kathryn Yates, Citizen l amb, Citizen Emina Ashman, Citizen Kelvin Anderson, Citizen Alison Dullard, Citizen Nina Barry-Macaulay, Citizen Ian Dallas, Citizen Eliza Quinn, Citizen Elizabeth Lamb, Citizen Peter Fitzpatrick, Citizen Nicholas Backstrom, Citizen Jordan Barr, Citizen Ellen Coleman, Citizen Jen Little, Citizen Gillian Perks, Citizen Candice O'Brien, Citizen Ian Abbey, Citizen Chris Nolan, Citizen Jess Gonsalvez, Citizen Zorro Maplestone, Citizen Matt Bell, Citizen Eliana Urrutia, Citizen Maude Davey, Citizen Robyn Arthur, Citizen Brenda Waye, Citizen Lesley Haine, Citizen Evrim Sen, Citizen Rory Godbold, Citizen Stephanie Clare-Cover, Citizen Matthew Rady, Citizen Kathleen Douglas and some lovely anonymous Citizens.


Some more wonderful Citizen Supporters from our 2015 Pozible campaign

Citizen Nick Backstrom, Citizen Alana Tranter, Citizen Kingsley McGlew, Citizen Josh Robson, Citizen Peter de Groot, Citizen Rebecca Moore, Citizen Nick Bunning, Citizen Stefanie Jones, Citizen Catherine Glavicic, Citizen Nina Barry-Macaulay, Citizen Helen Bell, Citizen Evan James, Citizen Tom Lambert, Citizen Symon Kerslake, Citizen Anonymous, Citizen Anonymous, Citizen Will Lime Balmford, Citizen Chenez Dyer Bray Paevere, Citizen Nicole, Citizen Nelson Gardner, Citizen Julia Doeven, Citizen Sasha Lipus, Citizen Vinay Kumar, Citizens The Cameron Family, Citizens Peter & Ann Welten, Citizen Isabelle Reynaud, Citizen Hannah Fredericksen, Citizens Leanne & Andrew Crane, Citizen Rory Godbold, Citizen Anonymous, Citizen Lauren McKenna, Citizen Matt Olver, Citizen Anna Freeland, Citizen Marita Duggan, Citizen Leonie Simpson, Citizens Chris & Leonie Howard, Citizen Dierdre Robertson, Citizen Brenda Waye, Citizen Megan Howard, Citizen Helen Howard, Citizen Anonymous, Citizen Hayley Sandpearl, Citizen Nicola Bramham, Citizen Kris Jones. 

Awards and grants

  • Recipients of the 2014/2015 Stonnington Arts & Cultural Sponsorship program to present 'The Importance of Being Earnest' at Como Historic House & Garden in January 2015
  • Recipients of Creative Partnerships Australia's MATCH Funding Program to present 'Nude' at the Alex Theatre St Kilda in August 2015. After reaching our Pozible campaign target of $3000, the program matched these funds dollar for dollar.
  • Recipients of the Alex Theatre St Kilda grant that supports new producing talent
  • Programmed in the 2017 Poppy Seed Festival